• Cooling capacity: 10.000 BTU
  • Energy Class A
  • R290 Gas, the natural refrigerant with the lowest impact on global warming (GWP = 3)
  • No tank: automatic condensation disposal
  • User-friendly remote control and digital touch display. Quick and easy set of all functions: fan, dehumidification, auto, sleep and turbo.


From the manufacturer

Dolceclima Compact 10 P

The most powerful portable air conditioner in the Compact range: it cools up to 2.6 kW and removes humidity with the dehumidification only function. Practical to move and use in different rooms, thanks to its compact shape and the multi-function remote control.

Nominal cooling capacity:2,1 kW2,64 kW2,7 kW
Cooling capacity:8.000 BTU/h10.000 BTU/h12.000 BTU/h
Energy Class:AAA+
Rated efficiency energy ratioEER 2,7EER 2,6EER 3,1
Max. Dehumidification capacity:1,8 l/h2,1 l/h1,5 l/h
Refrigerant Gas R290 charge0,13 kg0,17 kg0,20 kg
Sound pressure level: min-maxdB(A) 47-52dB(A) 47-52dB(A) /-53
Sound power level:dB(A) 63dB(A) 63dB(A) 64
Provided with an air discharge flexible duct ø 150 mm, lenght 1,5 m

Questions & Answers

UseThe portable air conditioner can be used in various applications – it can easily be moved from one room to the other using the ergonomic side handles and wheels.
RatingThe Compact 10 P model is suitable for spaces up to 80 m³ (maximum approximate value for residential environments with a mild climate – cooling only). The following factors that may reduce its efficacy must nonetheless be considered:, Glass panelled surfaces, Latitude and altitude of the home, Wall insulation, Ceilings; flooring; windows, Heat sources (for example the kitchen), Exposed side, Room occupancy, Sunlight, Room height, etc…
InstallationThere are two possible types of installation:, FIXED by drilling a hole into the wall or glass (diameter 127 mm) where the flange – supplied standard – is then attached to insert the air exhaust hose coupling; , MOBILE / TEMPORARY: by keeping the window ajar and using the supplied accessories to insulate the room.
How does it work?The portable air conditioner is designed to eliminate the humidity and heat in the room – expelling it outside by means of the extendable air exhaust hose (max. 1.5 metres long) supplied standard.
Cooling GasThe operation of the compressor and therefore of the portable air conditioner is made possible thanks to the cooling gas pre-charged into the machine during its manufacture. Once the air conditioner has been charged – it is hermetically sealed. The pre-charged gas in the machine is sufficient to have the correct operation of the air conditioner for its entire life cycle: therefore – it doesn’t need to be recharged with additional gas over the years.
Is it quiet?The portable air conditioner incorporates – in a single unit – all the technology of a traditional fixed air conditioner (consisting in an internal and external unit) and therefore also the compressor itself. It therefore follows that the perceived noise cannot be the same as that of a fixed air conditioner. Many users who have chosen Olimpia Splendid have found themselves extremely satisfied with the level of silence and comfort offered by Dolceclima portable air conditioners.
FunctionsFan mode: Adjustable 2 fan speed. Fan only mode is also available. , Dehumidification mode, Auto mode, Sleep mode: gradually increases the temperature set and ensures reduced noise for greater wellbeing at night. , Turbo mode: Maximum fan speed. Extra cool,
How is the humidity eliminatedIn the form of condensate: , In summer the condensate is atomised and expelled outside together with the hot air extracted from the room (a single 1.5 metre flexible hose); , In dehumidification mode (during seasons other than summer) the condensate ends up in a tank which must be drained by connecting the small hose at the back of the air conditioner;, For complete unit drainage the condensate will need to be drained through a small hose.
Hot air exhaust hoseNecessary in cooling and dehumidification mode in summer., In dehumidification mode – during seasons other than summer – the hose isn’t needed and is connected only to drain the condensate.
Air filteringIn addition to cooling and dehumidifying, Dolceclima Compact also filters the air! , The dust filter – easy to extract and clean – is included.
Accessories provided1. Flexible hose for air expulsion (cooling and automatic mode) , 2. Terminal for flexible hose machine side , 3. Terminal for flexible hose for SLIDER installation , 4. SLIDER for installation on sliding / roller window , 5. SLIDER locking pin , 6. Terminal for flexible hose and flange for fixed installation , 7. 2X Insulation for SLIDER installation , 8. Plugs for fixed installation flange , 9. Remote control / Manual , 10. Condensate drain pipe (dehumidification mode only)
Autorestart Functionin case a black-out occurs the appliance stores the former function mode and start up again when re-pow-ered by recovering all previous settings

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